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The eSports betting odds can be very entertaining, but making constant profits can be hard. But we have good news, all the matches and the best eSports bets are available at OddsDigger South Africa. Our features are available for free along with the most advanced odds comparison tool.

Sunday 26 January 2020
Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends 1 2
INTZ e-Sports
PaiN Gaming
All Odds
Monday 27 January 2020
LVP 1 2
All Odds
Saturday 8 February 2020
Overwatch League 1 2
New York Excelsior
London Spitfire
All Odds
Sunday 9 February 2020
Overwatch League 1 2
Dallas Fuel
Los Angeles Valiant
All Odds

E-Sports betting oddsCan You Bet On eSports? New Sport Emerging

eSports is one of the fastest developing team sports in the world. As a consequence, all top bookies include eSports events in their regular offers. eSports becomes popular not only among young bettors’ population but also among the punters all over the world.

eSports is a unique sports discipline which pulls origins from South Korea. This Asia country is the first one who regulated the community and licensed the teams. The rest of the world isn’t immune on its popularity and eSports is now spread in Europe and North America. The sportsbooks recognized its growth and they are offering a variety of markets for the punters. So, the obvious answer to the question above is yes, otherwise this page wouldn’t exist. Stay tuned and find out more about eSports betting.

Get the Best eSports Odds: Find Suitable Markets

It’s really easy to place a bet on eSports betting odds, even with eSports live betting. All you need to do is find the market that suits you. Check the available numbers, there’s always a whole lot on offer, and you don’t want to miss out on a chance. Once you’ve consulted all the numbers, all you need to do is head over to your chosen bookmaker and place your wager. There are a lot of potential bets to be made, enough to suit pretty much any wagering style. Find the one you’re most comfortable with, then put down your funds and wait for the results.

eSports Betting Odds Explained: Select Picks from the Latest Markets

It’s quite simple to bet on eSports. All you have to do is find the right wager for you. Many different people have different wagering styles, and you don’t want to end up putting your money on the wrong wager. With OddsDigger South Africa, you can take your pick of the latest markets from the most reliable bookies around. Once you’ve consulted the numbers and performed eSports odds comparison, you’ll be able to head over to the bookmaker’s website and put your money in the place it matters most. There’s a whole host of markets waiting, and we let you view all of them.

eSports Betting Markets: New Markets on Horizon

There’s generally a number of markets available for any eSports event. The usual choice for eSports betting is to wager on winner odds. This means that you are trying to predict the winner of the game. But there is a load of other great markets waiting for you. For instance, if you’re wagering on a tournament, you can try and pick the champion with outright odds. You can also try eSports over/under betting if it suits more to your chosen strategy.

The South African eSports Betting: Fast-Growing Opportunities

You can find the eSports odds and place wagers at several online sportsbooks in South Africa. Although this sport has been recently introduced, it has a punters base which is expected to grow in the time to come. This will enhance more possibilities and introduce new markets to the domestic eSports betting stage.

International eSports Betting: Established Markets

Online eSports wagering becomes more prominent and the biggest international markets are located in Asia, Europe, and North America. The number of tournaments is constantly rising and the top bookies are including them in their regular offers. If you are eSports wagering expert, you can find a wide range of offers in all major sportsbooks.

Why eSports Betting Can Be Profitable? New Teams on the Rise

In order to make constant profits, you need to get familiar with all wagering opportunities. There’s a high level of unpredictability in Best of One matches, so you should avoid putting money one the favourites. If you encounter some unknown or lesser teams, you should skip that match since some of them may explode and pull a surprise, since the sports is evolving very quickly. The best practice is to focus on the tournament winners since big upsets are not so common.

Where Can You Bet on eSports? Compare Odds and Select Picks

These events are covered by a wide range of bookies around the globe and you can open an account at one of your favourites. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or skip the work and leave the office since you can place all your wagers online. OddsDigger South Africa can help you decide which online bookie is the most suitable for your chosen strategy.

The Best Bets / Bookmakers: Wide Selection Available

There are a plenty of eSports betting sites where you can find the best wagers. OddsDigger South Africa is one of them since we are the leading and one-stop website for online betting on eSports. You can have all the numbers at your fingertips and easily find the best eSports bets. You may also find a wide range of bonuses, free bets, and deals which give you more opportunities for maximizing your profits from online eSports betting.

Live Stream and Mobile Betting – Don’t Miss a Thing

The option of live streaming the selected events on your mobile and desktop devices have been available for a few years now and an essential tool for all punters. The first thing that the bettor needs to do is to create an account with selected eSports betting sites. Sometimes an additional fee is chargeable and it mostly depends on the sport chosen. In that case, the punters need to deposit certain funds in their accounts. If you prefer live betting, then this option becomes a real situation-changer since you can maximize your profits with eSports live odds. You should check which of the bookies have the streaming option available and you can check that easily by using this page and going through the major bookies.