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best chess betting odds comparison in  UgandaIt is one of the oldest untouched games in the world, developed centuries ago by the Arab world. Its gameplay has remained untouched for hundreds of years due to its perfect balancing and incredible potential for riveting matches. Professional matches can be fertile areas for great-value betting markets, and the right chess bets could leave punters with great returns.

The Important Points of Chess Betting

A game consists of two players, each with sixteen pieces, moving around a square grid playing board, attempting to attack each other. A game is over when one player puts their opponent’s king in the checkmate position, meaning that whatever they try to do, they’ll still lose the king. The back and forth of the game lies in players trying to press offensively whilst keeping their own side protected. It’s a hard balance to achieve at the top levels, and the game requires incredible mental skill to achieve success.

The Main Kinds of Odds

The most popular type of bet on chess is the three-way win/lose/draw match bet on the outcome of a game. It is actually a game where a draw is not an uncommon result, so this is a market in and of itself. Further markets exist for the outright winner of a tournament, as well as over/under bets on the amount of moves a game is completed in. The games can go on for some time, so if you can find some In Play markets on a game, there’s a good chance you can find some bargain wagers if you can read the action effectively. Mobile betting and live streaming help you stay current with the progress of the match, and OddsDigger is always on hand to show fans the best live odds in real time.

The Main Markets for Chess Odds

There are plenty of national tournaments in Uganda, including the Olympiad, Africa Zone Chess Championship, and National Chess Championship. For the rest of the world, the biggest event is the World Chess Championship, followed by the National Chess Championships and the European Individual Chess Championship. There are also always a lot of regional competitions and private invitationals going on, so there’s never any shortage of games to enjoy.

Which Chess Betting Sites to Use

Not all bookmakers will carry this sport, but many of the big ones still do. Unibet and Bwin both have solidly broad market coverage and usually offer solid odds on big tournaments. The best way to ensure you’re getting the best possible deals is to compare chess odds with OddsDigger and enjoy a service that’s simple, straightforward, and totally cost-free.