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Equestrian Betting Tips & Predictions

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An important distinction has to be made between standard horse racing and these events. While there is certainly some amount of crossover between the two, this discipline covers a broader range of skills, often focusing more on appearance and skill rather than flat-out speed. You can get all relevant information by checking our equestrian betting tips. We scour the internet for information so that we can bring you the best equestrian predictions possible.

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The sport has probably developed the most serious following in the UK. This country has a long history of such events, probably stretching back to medieval pageants, or possible even earlier. Some of the biggest competitions have been around for hundreds of years and the tips abound as the events approach. Equestrian betting predictions can open up a variety of markets, including:

  • Royal Ascot
  • Olympia Horse Show
  • Kentucky Derby

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The majority of the events take the form of what is know as steeple-chasing. Horses clear a series of obstacles in the shortest time possible, competing on a points based system. There are also dressage events, far more focused on style and appearances. By using our betting tips, you can open up winning opportunities regardless of the market. Tracking down our best equestrian predictions couldn’t be simpler.

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All our latest equestrian tips are housed on our dedicated page. Our articles are the work of sports industry professionals with an in-depth understanding of the events. Their betting predictions make it easier than ever before for you to wager and win on any of these exciting competitions. Use OddsDigger’s free service today to open up a world of wagering potential.