Grand National 2018: Preview, Runners & Betting Tips

The Grand National is regarded as one of the finest horse racing events in the world. It is also one of the oldest after having been established in 1839. This explains the reason for the Grand National horses to be considered as close to celebrities. The Grand National consists of a handicap steeplechase that will be run over a distance of 6.9 kilometres while horses have to jump 30 fences over the course of two laps. There is a lot of competition to become one of the Grand National runners, as the prize money is £1 million – making the race one of the most valuable in the world.

What Is The Official Grand National 2018 Date?

One of the keenly watched elements by horse racing enthusiasts is the Grand National 2018 date. The event will be held from April 12 to 14, 2018. Fans will be treated to a whole host of excitement that includes the Grand Opening day and Ladies Day aside from the race itself.

A Glance at the Unique Grand National History

The enormous interest in bet Grand National opportunities is to become part of the steep heritage associated with the event. Even though there is speculation about the exact beginning of the event, the widespread consensus is to take the starting date as 1836, but there have been previous events. The Grand National predictions soon became more than about the Aintree region, as more and more punters and fans from around the world were keen on the race.

The Grand National Racecourse

Not much has changed in terms of the Grand National betting from the venue perspective, as it has been run over the National Course at Aintree. The runners will be going through two laps, which consists of 16 fences. The unique aspect of this course happens to be the run-in, which happens to be among the longest at just over 450 m. The course was initially designed as a cross-country steeplechases, and today most of the racing occurs outside the place where it all began.

How It All Started

William Lynn is responsible for coming up with the idea of Grand National in 1829. The race was first held at Aintree on a leased land. Despite having humble beginnings, the race quickly grew in popularity and it was known as a ‘national’ from 1839. During the first couple of years, three major incidents transformed the popularity of the race and the availability of the Grand National free tips. They are the demise of the Great St Alban’s Chase, new railway in Liverpool, and the formation of a committee.

Changes Made Throughout History

Even such a huge event like the Grand National has gone through plenty of changes in its history. Most of the changes have concentrated more on ensuring the welfare of the Grand National horses, through better redesigning of the course or the use of different fences. These factors have served to increase competition in the Grand National betting offers, as the field features some of the finest thoroughbreds in Europe and across the world.

Assessing Grand National Winners Odds with an Analysis of the Previous Winners

A competition of this magnitude presents a lot of competition on the field. Grand National predictions are all about through a long list of past performances in order to make an assessment with regard to the current edition. The analysis can be done with regard to aspects like weight, form, and age. Since there have been horses that have managed to win multiple editions of the Grand National, it also makes sense to approach the Grand National betting odds from this perspective.

Legendary Grand National Runners

The 150 year plus history of the competition has produced some huge shocks and surprises, while there have also been some legendary winners at this event. Red Rum is one of the best Grand National picks for a legendary horse after three wins in the 1970s. No other horse has been able to claim more wins. Mr Frisk managed to complete the event in the record time of eight minutes and 47.8 seconds in 1990.

What Do Winning Grand National Horses Have In Common

A common feature to notice when it comes to picking Grand National winners odds is the age and the weight of the horse coming into the race. Since the steeplechase event is close to 7 km long and there are plenty of unlucky events that would take place over the race, weight is seen as a defining quality that could make a difference and carry more stamina also helps.

Learn More about the Average Parameters of the Winners

A punter approaching the Grand National 2018 date is advised to get a couple of parameters in check before backing a particular horse. Some of the parameters that have a major impact on the event happen to be age, which is great if the runner is 8 to 11 years old. It is also keen to sport a runner who has not been rested for too long or been out racing recently. An ideal time be around 20 to 60 days since the last run. A weight of up to 11 stones and 6 pounds is considered as ideal for the race.

Grand National bet online also tend to favour a runner in the season three or more, as it is a better idea to with experienced campaigners rather than newcomers when it comes to this event.

Grand National Tips for Beginners and Seasoned Punters Alike

The biggest contributor towards the success of a bet Grand National online is the age of the runner. There is an optimal age so that the hurdles can be overcome and a decent pace maintained over the long distance. Age also guarantees experience so that the horses will be able to overcome the difficult jumps with ease. However, significantly older horses tend to underperform when it comes to the jumps and they can easily be knocked out.

Grand National Predictions: What You Need To Know

The Grand National tips and predictions are an extremely important tool fore placing a bet, as punters often have to choose one winner from several on the field. It is not unusual for the Grand National to have a huge field. Even in the 2016 edition, remarkable 39 runners started the race with only 16 managing to finish.

One of the common areas where the Grand National odds focuses is on the winner, but the prediction can help reduce the risk by opting for betting techniques like each way bet. Due to the long list of non-finishers and the several variables that takes place in the race, it is better to opt for a Grand National each way bet.

Grand National Ante Post Betting Essentials

Punters also choose to go down the route of Grand National ante post betting, as it could provide significantly better odds for the same selection just before the start of the race. This betting system needs to have certain essentials in order to succeed. It is important not to back poor jumpers. While they may go faster on the straights, they can be a major disadvantage when it comes to jumping.

Ante post betting on this tournament also tries to limit the focus on runners who have completed the event in previous years. The best Grand National betting offers in the ante post system nowadays have started taking into account the younger horses as a potential candidate for a victory.

The Grand National free bet offers are also a great way of taking advantage of the high volatility in the normal markets, while the ante post betting can be a careful pick. One of the disadvantages of this form of betting might be the inability to study form or weight coming into the race.

Grand National 2018: Betting Predictions on the Outright Winner

The outright winner happens to be one of the toughest predictions in terms of the Grand National racing tips. This is due to the high number of non-finishers in the event. There is a significant possibility of even the favourites to be knocked down in the middle.

  • Most of the predictions have started focusing on the younger horses, which have been far more successful in recent years. The success achieved by Many Clouds in 2015 and Rule the World in 2016 are examples that one need not look at more than 10 years as an age where it is possible to win the Grand National.
  • One For Arthur is rated as a strong favourite for the 2018 race. The eight-year-old has had a good 2017 after managing to win the Betfred Classic Handicap Chase and Grand National. The latter will especially provide the bay gelding with a lot of confidence. He managed to succeed at the 2017 edition while starting with a price of 14/1. His weight has not changed much since that event, and keeping it at 10-11 will make it interesting indeed. In the previous edition, he managed to overcome favourites like Blaklion, Definitly Red, and Pleasant Company. It remains to be seen if coming into the race as the favourite would make a difference.
  • Blaklion started out as the overwhelming favourite for the 2017 race, but a disappointing race saw him finish eight lengths behind the winner. This is a major reason behind the Grand National ante post betting odds backing the eight-year-old at just 20/1 for a victory.
  • Minella Rocco did not take part in the 2017 race, despite being rated as favourite in the ante post betting odds for last year. However, trainer Jonjo O’Neill felt that it was too early for the seven-year-old to get back into racing after having suffered a fall at Aintree’s Mildmay fences back in December.

The Grand National predictor tool is a great way of finding the horses that are odds-on favourite to win the race several months before the start. Getting a head start is extremely important in the Grand National, as a punter can opt for the better odds in the ante post betting system or go with the current betting offers.

Either way, it is a good idea to opt for the various tools and also compare the odds at OddsDigger to find the best offers. The best Grand National betting offers can certainly be found at OddsDigger.