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England vs Belgium Predictions: A Fight for The First Place
06:00 Friday 29 June 2018

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and England vs Belgium predictions ahead of this Thursday's World Cup clash between England vs Belgium on June the 28th. more...

Football Jack Young
06:00 Sunday 24 June 2018
Germany vs Sweden Predictions: The Champions are Back in the Saddle

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and Germany vs Sweden predictions ahead of this Saturday's World Cup clash between Germany vs Sweden on June the 23rd. more...

Football Jack Young
06:00 Thursday 21 June 2018
Iran vs Spain Predictions: Confident Spain Wins Easily

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and Iran vs Spain predictions ahead of this Wednesday's World Cup clash between Iran and Spain on June the 20th. more...

Football Jack Young
05:00 Saturday 16 June 2018
Portugal vs Spain Predictions: A Neighborhood Derby

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and Portugal vs Spain predictions ahead of this Friday's World Cup clash between Portugal vs Spain on June the 15th. more...

Football Jack Young
06:45 Tuesday 5 June 2018
Italy vs Netherlands Predictions: Italy Still Searching for Their Form

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and Italy vs Netherlands predictions ahead of this Monday's Friendly International clash between Italy and Netherlands on June the 4th. more...

Football Jack Young
06:46 Sunday 27 May 2018
Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC Predictions: Real to Show Class in Final

Read our expert Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC match preview, free Champions League betting tips, recent form analysis, team news, result prediction and all the most up to date odds for the May 26th contest more...

Football Simon Winter
04:30 Monday 21 May 2018
Atletico Madrid vs Eibar Predictions: Atletico to Finish La Liga Season with a Win

Read our detailed Atletico Madrid vs Eibar match preview, free La Liga betting tips, recent form guide, team news, result prediction, and all the most up to date odds for the May 20th contest more...

Football Simon Winter

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The advice we produce covers a whole multitude of sporting and betting markets. Before an event starts, be sure to check in with OddsDigger New Zealand first, as chances are that one of our writers have given their considered analyses of the fixture and come up with a sharp-eyed prediction. You’ll see that our articles have considered all the angles: from player profiles, past form, to injury histories and home/away records. You’ll find we often give an outright prediction for the final result, but even if you’re looking to wager on a more obscure betting sub-market, there’s still plenty of stimulating content to get your teeth into. Since the best odds prediction costs you nothing to access, there’s no good reason not to make sure that you’re playing with a full deck by checking in with OddsDigger New Zealand to see if one of our writers has spotted an angle that you might’ve missed. It can sometimes be a struggle to stay on top of all the information by yourself to make sure you’ve done the due diligence before making a wager, but thanks to OddsDigger New Zealand, you can tap into a powerful resource where our professional sports experts have done the heavy lifting for you.

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