Novelty Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate Novelty betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageWhat Is Novelty Betting?

Because of a rise in reality TV shows, there has been an increase in people wanting to place their wagers based on situations in the shows. Novelty wagering is referred to as exotic because it’s related to non-sporting events. Many punters aren’t interested in sports-related events and don’t have the want or need to watch the live games. So, instead of sports, they choose reality TV situations. If you’re into watching TV shows, then you’re going to be interested in it. For example, you can choose what gender a baby will be, where a person will move to or what will happen in the next episode.

Novelty Odds Explained in Easy Terms

Novelty betting odds are going to be the same as sports odds. This means that while it may seem safer to predict the situation instead of sports matches, you’ll need to be careful. Many of these wagers consist of either wagering on fifty-fifty outcomes or on conditions that have an unlimited amount of different outcomes. It’s important to know what you’re placing your money on and when the event will end. Sometimes, you’ll be able to stake while the event is still happening. In this case, always visit OddsDigger to do a live odds comparison.

Novelty Betting Markets

Domestic novelty betting involves shorter wagers that can be found every week. You will need to look out for these types of wagers on your favorite news and TV shows. In New Zealand, the X Factor, My Kitchen Rules NZ, the Bachelor NZ, and Dancing with the Stars are your options for wagering. You can find the latest betting information on OddsDigger where we compare novelty odds. We will list all of the recent markets and options for you to choose from.

Many international TV shows for wagering include reality shows about celebrities, Big Brother, X Factor, and Strictly Come Dancing. Not only TV shows are popular for betting, music is used as well. Some punters even make it a goal to wager on which pop songs are going to be listed on the #1 charts. Novelty bets have no limit, as people will wager on anything that happens or is covered on TV. This includes political bets, US elections, and which volcano will erupt next.

Internet Places to Bet on Novelty?

Novelty betting sites can be a bit harder to locate, as they are not sports related. We can help locate a few websites for you such as William Hill and Betvictor. Both of these websites give you the option to wager on some of the biggest TV shows you can find. You can also bet on reality TV and try to predict the outcomes. Start with OddsDigger!