Handball Betting Odds Comparison

The betting odds are enjoying a surge of interest at the moment. To get your hands on the best handball bets, leave it to OddsDigger New Zealand to compare the offers from the top bookmakers leaving the way clear for sharp-eyed fans to line up some winning wagers.

Tuesday 15 October 2019
Danish Handball League Women 1 draw 2
07:00 Live
Nykobing Falster HB (W)
Silkeborg-Voel KFUM (W)
All Odds
Wednesday 16 October 2019
Handbollsligan 1 draw 2
IFK Kristianstad
IFK Skovde
All Odds
HK Varberg
Eskilstuna Guif
All Odds
Thursday 17 October 2019
Handbollsligan 1 draw 2
HK Malmo
IK Savehof
All Odds

Handball betting oddsHandball is a sport that’s been enjoying a great year-on-year growth of late whilst carving out a niche all of its own in competitive sports. Although first played around 1925, it’s really come into its own in the last few years. It’s such a kinetic, high-speed sport that games require not one but two referees on the court at all time. Watching handball, it’s easy to see why it’s such an exciting sport, and why punters have taken to it like ducks to water.

How to Enjoy Handball Betting

Handball is a very simple sport to grasp, which means it’s easy for punters to dive into the markets straight away. The game is easy to understand: two teams of seven players, including a goalkeeper, try and run a small ball up the court and throw it into the opposition’s goal. Imagine basketball but with a goal more akin to soccer or ice hockey, and you have some idea of the flow of the game. It’s played at very high speeds, due to the small courts and the players’ athleticism. Where much of the thrill comes from is scoring. Uniquely, the D area around the goal can only be occupied by the keeper. However, a player may score within the D as long as his feet haven’t touched the floor. This leads to some genuinely thrilling shots on goal characterised by mid-air skirmishes that make for a fantastic spectacle.

The Biggest Handball Bets

Because it’s a very straightforward sport, handball bets will be familiar to anyone who’s bet on court sports like basketball. The biggest markets are in Match betting, Handicap betting, and Totals betting. Match betting is a wager on which team wins the match. Handicap betting is for teams facing each other where the bookmaker perceives there’s a big disparity in ability, so to make the betting market more competitive, you can bet on the amount of goals the stronger team will win by. Totals betting is on the final amount of goals scored by a team at the end of the match. There are also bets available on results at the end of the first half, and outright wagers when you pick who’s going to win a tournament. These are all easy to grasp, so punters should be able to start betting in no time.

Hints and Tips to Bet on Handball

Crunching the numbers is the easiest way to give yourself an advantage in handball betting, and there should be no shortage of data available to help stack the deck in your favour. Things like home field advantage are telling patterns to identify, along with more general information on the form of the teams and players. Scoring information is also a big help here. Bear in mind that each team has seven players on the bench and substitutions are unlimited, so you want to take all of the participants into account with a bet, not just the starting selection. Handball teams also have a tendency to create an attack gradually, building momentum from play to play a little like American football. With this in mind, look for the telltale signs for when an offensive push is about to break through and see which teams have effective attack and defense styles.

Key Handball Betting Markets

The number of handball leagues is growing by the day, and there’s plenty of markets for fans to sink their teeth into. The biggest handball audiences tend to be in Europe, but since the sport is easy to get into, it’s also found favour in further flung territories like Israel.

New Zealand Markets for Handball

The New Zealand Handball Federation regulates the sport in the country and the national team. The New Zealand Club Championship is where you’ll find the best domestic action with teams like the Wellington Vikings. In Australia, there’s also a thriving handball scene active on all of the main territories.

International Markets for Handball

Almost every country in Europe has a handball league of some description, and they enjoy a particularly large amount of interest in Eastern Europe. The premier handball league is probably Germany’s Bundesliga that features some of the best players in the world, along with the Spanish Liga ASOBAL and the French LNH Starligue. All of these feature high levels of play and matches that can go anywhere, leaving openings for punters to win high returns. Handball is a popular sport on the international stage and has been a feature at the Olympics since 1972. The biggest event in the world is the IHF World Handball Championship, where the best of the best battle it out. That’s accompanied by the Emerging Nations Championship that puts the spotlight on smaller teams and sides that didn’t make the WHC. The European Handball Championship games are amongst the most widely watched indoor court games on the international market, with the 2014 final racking up an incredible 723 million viewers.

How Is Handball Live Betting and Other Wagers Profitable

Handball is a very straightforward game, where it’s easy to follow the action, even when the pace heats up. This means it’s easy for fans to get into and judge where the action is going to go next. There’s still the potential for upsets, however, making handball over/under betting a particularly attractive proposition. Now’s a good time to get in on this sport on the ground floor while the markets are still rapidly expanding.

Where Can You Enjoy Handball Betting Odds?

Handball is well covered by a lot of bookmakers. Although it’s considered a “niche” sport by some, it’ll usually be carried by a bookie in addition to the core sports. It’s a sport that William Hill offer especially good market coverage for, with 888sport being another competent option thanks to some great odds.

The Best Handball Betting Sites

To get to the best bookmakers, our handball odds comparison make the process completely simple. We collate the best offers from the cream of the industry, connecting fans with the strongest odds from only the most trustworthy provides. It’s the easiest way to increase the profit margin on your returns, especially considering it’s completely cost-free.

Handball Live Streaming and Mobile Betting

The best way to follow the action wherever you are is to find a provider that supplies you with a mobile betting app where you can also watch the results as they come in. This makes it easy to profit on handball live odds, and it should be easy to watch with the big event drawing in so many viewers. Use OddsDigger to find the best odds on the In Play market as they come in. It’s a great sport that pays back the fans’ investments and offers some quality markets where real opportunities for big winnings are abundant.