Equestrian Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate Equestrian betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageDo You Bet on Equestrian?

Horses have been involved in betting activities for hundreds of years now, ever since horse racing became popular. Equestrian bets are also rising in popularity and they’re a valid source of extra income for punters.

Equestrian Odds and How to Place Wagers on Them

When thinking about equestrian betting odds, you first need to understand all the variables that go behind these. Everything from horse shape to the course or the surface they’re competing on can change the situation.

Just like in any other individual competition, the types of wagers available for events in this sport are mainly related to the position a horse or jockey will occupy at the end of a stage or the entire tournament. There’s also an under/over wager regarding the total time spent on course and some special ones regarding penalties.

The wagers mentioned above can also be used for in-play wagering and, just as we always do, OddsDigger will provide tools for comparing these odds and placing winning wagers.

Equestrian Betting Markets – A Noble Sport

The wagering markets for this sport are quite diverse either if you’re thinking about domestic or international competitions. New Zealand has a dedicated Organization that organizes contests for dressage, endurance as well as jumping. Avid punters can use these events and their odds to try and boost their income.

On the other hand, since it’s an Olympic sport, it enjoys a lot of action at an international level. Besides the Olympics, there are several competitions such as the Rolex Grand Prix, the Sunshine Tour, and many others. You don’t need experience to wager on these competitions, simply compare equestrian odds on OddsDigger and get going.

Betting on Equestrian – Where Can You Do It?

When talking about equestrian betting sites that offer a nice range of competitions, competitive odds, good welcome bonus, and occasional free rewards, the first title that comes to mind is Betway. A complete bookmaker that will give you an excellent experience every time. Other good candidates are the big names from the UK such as William Hill or Ladbrokes.