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Saturday 25 January 2020
EU LCS 1 2
09:00 Live
FC Schalke 04
ExceL eSports
All Odds
10:00 Live
All Odds
Sunday 9 February 2020
Overwatch League 1 2
New York Excelsior
London Spitfire
All Odds
Dallas Fuel
Los Angeles Valiant
All Odds

E-Sports betting oddsCan You Bet on eSports? Get More Familiar with eSports Markets

In the recent years, eSports has become one of the most extraordinary sports disciplines, which popularity is speed-growing. Online sportsbooks have recognized these trends and the bettors can find a wide range of options to wager on. Since the wider audience is not so familiar with the basic ways of eSports betting, and they are trying to learn more about what is eSports betting, we are here to get this topic closer to you. Stay tuned and find out more about eSports wagering.

Get the Best eSports Odds: Easily Check All Trending Odds

Our state of the art features will help you find the best odds from all markets. With our eSports odds comparison tool, you may find all lines, select them and bet on eSports. Simply dip into all offers as there are a lot of potential bets to be made, enough to suit pretty much any wagering style. Find the one you’re most comfortable with, then put down your funds and wait for the results.

eSports Betting Odds Explained: New Opportunities Emerging

OddsDigger New Zealand allows you to check a range of different bets. With all the latest information at your fingertips, it’s the work of a few moments to find a bookmaker with the right eSports betting odds and take advantage of the betting markets they offer. These include betting on the winner of the match, the winner of the entire tournament or which team will have the most points. When you go for specific bets on different eSports, you can bet on who will get First Blood at Dota or who’s going to mine the most minerals in StarCraft II.

eSports Betting Markets: Stay with the Game by Checking the Latest eSports Betting Trends

There are a lot of potential markets available for an average event. The most common way of placing your stake on the match is based on choosing the winner odds, meaning that you are putting money on the winner of the match. You can also try out the outright odds if you have a good feeling who can win the tournament. For those who like to keep everything under their control, there is eSports live betting. You’re guaranteed to find a book that suits you no matter your wagering style.

The New Zealand eSports Betting: Different Markets Available

All major sportsbooks in New Zealand provide offers on the top eSports events and New Zealand Gaming Championship is the most popular one. Although this sport is new on the stage, the punters base is rapidly growing and the markets are following those trends. This will enhance possibilities and introduce new markets to the domestic betting stage. You can choose to place bets on any local event from the New Zealand Highschool League all the way to the major PGL internal competitions or the ESL Pro New Zealand tournament.

International eSports Betting: High-Speed Developing Markets

In the offer of top eSports betting sites, you may find many tournaments like WESG World Finals or even league competitions such as LCS Spring Split series. eSports becomes popular not only among young bettors’ population but also among punters all over the world. Besides Asia, the rest of the world isn’t immune to its popularity and eSports is now spread in Europe and North America. This is one of the fastest developing team sports in the world. As a consequence, all top bookies include these events in their regular offers.

Why eSports Betting Can Be Profitable? Find Your Wagering Style

Like all sports wagering, if you’ve got a good grasp of the facts, you’ve got a good chance of making your wagering profitable. That means checking all the markets thoroughly before you decide where to put your bet. There’s always going to be a lot of options when it comes to wagering. And if you want the best chance possible, you need to know exactly what you’re doing. That means understanding the markets and the options on offer. If you have a really thorough odds comparison in front of you, you’ve got a really good chance of checking exactly what you’re doing when you bet. OddsDigger New Zealand can help you do exactly that so that you can ensure you make some decent returns since we are the best eSports betting site.

Where Can You Bet on eSports? Compare All eSports Lines

All top bookmakers include eSports events in their offers and you can choose from a variety of markets. OddsDigger New Zealand gives you the opportunity to compare the odds from all markets and helps you find the best value eSports betting odds. We will improve your online wagering since you have everything you need in one place. All you need to do is make your choices according to your preferable strategy. There are a lot of domestic eSports betting websites, but you can also choose to place your bets at big international sportsbooks.

The Best Bets/Bookmakers: Find the Latest Odds

There are a plenty of eSports betting sites where you can find the best wagers. OddsDigger New Zealand is the one-stop website for everything you need for your online betting on eSports. You can have all the numbers at your fingertips and easily find the best eSports bets. You may also find a wide range of bonuses, free bets, and deals which give you more opportunities for maximizing your profits from online eSports wagering. If you don’t want to waste time looking for the best eSports bookmaker, you can visit Unibet right now and take advantage of their welcome offer and the awesome coverage of eSport major competitions.

Live Stream and Mobile Betting Becomes Essential

Live streaming on desktop and mobile devices has become an essential tool for all punters. You can easily find an eSports odds site that offers the possibility of live streaming and mobile betting as well. All you need to do is create an account with the selected bookie, but before that, you should check if additional fees apply. You can easily check on our pages which of the bookies have the streaming option available. We are the one-stop site for everything you need for successful wagering, from finding the best bookmakers where to place your bets, to comparing odds both in-play and for pre-match bets. You can find it all on OddsDigger.