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It is an exciting new variant of cycling where riders have to compete over varying terrains to hit the best times. The races are often quite short, taking place over distances that hover at the two-mile mark and tend to last between half an hour and an hour. The courses are, however, very challenging, and riders will be forced to navigate surfaces such as pavement, dirt trails, grass, and frequently have to dismount to overcome obstacles in their path. It’s a very gruelling sport and you have to be tough to make it at the top. It’s enjoyed a surge of interest in recent years, and these days, the right bet on cyclo cross could net you some very generous returns.

Prime Forms of Cyclo Cross Betting Odds

The principal betting market is for the winner of a single race. You’ll find further cyclo cross bets on things like the fastest lap time and the order of the first three winners of a race. It’s a sport that repays punters who pay close attention to form and keep their eye on the weather ahead of any race, as this can have a real impact on the riders’ performances. You can often find In-Play markets available, and for punters who keep their eye on the ball, there can often be tempting wagering opportunities within, especially when fans augment their live betting with mobile apps and live streaming to stay ahead of the action. OddsDigger odds comparison service can also be of huge assistance here.

Principal Markets

In New Zealand, the NZCX Championships is the country’s foremost event. Worldwide, the UCI Cyclo Cross World Championships and the UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup are the biggest events around and attract the best riders and cyclo cross bets. Other markets exist in countries where the road bike culture is very big, such as France and Belgium. For the most part, these events are held in late autumn/early winter, to make the sport even tougher for the top riders.

Cyclo Cross Betting Sites to Use

This is still a sport in its infancy, and, while it’s definitely getting more popular, it still has to be said that not every bookmaker will take your action. However, William Hill has developed a sterling reputation in this regard, thanks to their broad market coverage and reliably good odds. Punters are, as ever, always advised to use OddsDigger to get the drop on the bookies and find the best value offers, regardless of the bet. It’s the best way to fulfil all your cyclo cross odds comparison needs in the blink of an eye. Good luck!