Basketball Betting Odds Comparison

If you want to make the most out of the latest basketball action, from the FIBA World Cup to the Tall Blacks next big fixture, OddsDigger New Zealand can provide you with the tools you need to make the best basketball bets. Look no further for comparison service that puts the top betting odds in the palm of your hand.

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Basketball betting oddsHow to Enjoy the Best Basketball Betting

Basketball is a sport where there’s always plenty of exciting markets available for fans to line up winning wagers on. It might not yet have the following of football or cricket globally, but the game is conducive to high-speed matches where the action can change direction on the turn of a button. The sport is enjoying growth globally, particularly with regard to Southeast Asian and Eastern European territories, not to mention great action in the Australian and New Zealand NBL leagues, so now is a great time to get in on the action. It’s easier than ever to connect with great wagering opportunities, thanks to a basketball odds comparison service that puts the fans in the driving seat.

How to Get Prime Basketball Betting Odds

The best betting strategies always find the hidden value locked inside a market. You may be tempted to bet on the bookies’ favourite to win, but you’ll find the odds will be very short and you’ll only be able to make $20 on a $200 stake. A much better system is to take some time getting to know the markets and doing your homework on the teams involved so that you’ll be able to sport the best opportunities to make bigger profits on longer odds. This way, you’ll be making your money go further on much higher profit margins.

Basketball Betting Explained

There is a good deal of odds unique to basketball, in addition to the usual three-way win/lose/draw wager. Point spread betting means you’re betting on the point difference you feel a team may win or lose by, and it’s the closest you’ll get to handicap betting basketball. It’s akin to over/under betting in football, and can spice up the markets on one-sided matches. Then there’s odds/evens betting on team totals and game totals. Double result betting means you bet on one team to lead in the first half but lose by the end of the game, which is a particularly entertaining wager to stake. Game total and winning margin are common bets, as are Race to 20 bets, on the first team to hit 20 points. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the various markets you can have a punt on to see where you feel most confident wagering.

Betting Markets for Basketball Odds

Compared to other North American sports like American football and baseball, basketball has travelled remarkably well. As previously stated, the game has been embraced with particular fervour by Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, but its popularity is surging all over the world.

Domestic Basketball Betting

The National Basketball League (NLB) in New Zealand has all the country’s top stars. You’ll be able to bet on all the games the eight teams play with each other over the course of the season. The Wellington Saints have a fearsome reputation, but this is a competition where the action can turn around at any moment. You’ll also be able to bet on the mighty NZ Breakers, the only New Zealand team in the Australian NLB. They really represent their country and have won the neighbouring league many times over.

International Basketball Betting

The biggest basketball league in the world remains the United States’ National Basketball Association and continues to be the end goal for the most talented players like Kirk Penney and Steven Adams. The majority of international basketball betting is administered by the International Basketball Federation, more commonly known as FIBA. Since 1989, they’ve administered international tournaments for five zones of territory, or “commissions”: America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Each group has a tournament roughly every two years to compete for the championship of the commission. Additionally, the FIBA Basketball World Cup takes place on a four-year cycle, where the best 32 sides in the world, often including the Tall Blacks, compete for one of the biggest trophies in international basketball. The only tournament of comparable prestige is the Olympic Basketball Tournament, that FIBA helps administrate in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee.

How to Bet on Basketball and Win

Basketball wagering can be tremendously profitable when fans keep an eye on the form of a team. It’s a hectic sport that moves at such a fast pace, it can generate some real upsets in the blink of an eye. When figuring out how to bet on basketball find a strategy that works for you. Much like the stock market, you can stand to make more on an underdog team on the way up than you will on a side that’s already ruling the roost. For example, if a team is averaging more than 110 points a game with a shot accuracy rating over 51%, chances are that at some point that team will begin failing to maintain that form. Now, obviously there are exceptions to this, but frequently you’ll find a team that’s down on their luck usually need a streak of about two or three wins to start recuperating their performance from match to match. Spotting trends like this can help bring you closer to healthy returns, but you should never forget to crunch the stats before you come to a decision.

Where You Can Make Bets on Basketball

For the biggest international tournaments and the games of the NBA, making a bet on basketball should be easy to find with all the big bookmakers. For most of the big leagues nationally, there should also be good uptake as well, given the fact that basketball is on the rise and there’s good cross-nation interest in the sport. Betfair and Bwin are two very respectable bookmakers that always seem to have good basketball coverage globally, and there’s usually a deal or two for things like enhanced accumulators to boost your betslip.

The Best Bookmakers for Basketball Betting

When looking for basketball betting sites to take your action, you want one that’s trustworthy and reliable, who will also offer you competitive odds on a wide selection of markets. The easiest thing you can do is take advantage of OddsDigger to save yourself a job and take care of the heavy lifting for you. We only source odds from the most reputable bookmakers who are certain to fulfill their obligations to make fans payouts. We’ll give you the latest basketball betting lines in real time. All you have to do is find a match and click the All Odds button to see the best action in town. It’s secure, straightforward, and, best of all, completely cost-free. We go the extra length for fans when it comes to basketball odds comparison, so get involved and line up winning wagers with no delay.

Live Streaming and Basketball Betting Online For Mobile

Thanks to smartphones, it’s easy to enjoy basketball betting on the go. OddsDigger offers odds comparison on In-Play markets as well, meaning you can enjoy basketball live betting wherever you go, and you can often live-stream matches through bookmaker sites as well. With OddsDigger in your back pocket, the best basketball bets are never more than a few clicks away.