Bandy Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate Bandy betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageSome punters might not be aware of bandy, but globally, it’s actually the most popular winter sport behind ice hockey. It plays like a cross between that sport and soccer, as two teams of eleven play two 45 minute halves.

Ways to Bet on Bandy

A crucial difference between bandy and ice hockey is that the sticks have curved ends like traditional hockey sticks, and the game is played with a ball instead of a puck. It should be no problem for new fans to pick up on the rhythm of the game, as it has very straightforward rules similar to ball sports like soccer. Once punters have a feel for the game, they can start unlocking the bandy wagering markets.

The Crucial Bandy Betting Odds

All the usual wager types are present for bandy betting. Three-way result (win/lose/draw), over/under bets, halftime scores, first to score, and other common markets are all available. New punters should be able to get up to speed on making bandy bets with complete ease. When it comes to unlocking value in the markets, your best strategy is to look for outside chances where you can get bigger returns on smaller stakes. Bandy is a rapid-fire game so it presents good opportunities for live betting that you can make best use of with live-streaming and mobile wagering. OddsDigger can also connect you with the best In Play bandy bets in real time.

Bandy Betting Markets

Because bandy is so popular, there’s never any shortage of games to make a wager on. Bandy is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. The biggest bandy tournament in the world is the Bandy World Championship that sees the best sixteen teams in the world coming together to play the greatest matches. Bandy is also a fixture of other international winter sports events, such as the Winter Olympics.

The Best Bandy Betting Sites

Many of the best bookmakers, like William Hill and Betfair, provide you with bandy betting sites where you can make a wager on the sport. To compare bandy odds, let OddsDigger do the hard work for you. This free service will provide bandy odds comparison from the top bookmakers for both pre-match and In Play markets, allowing you to get the most from this great sport.