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England vs Belgium Predictions: A Fight for The First Place
19:00 Thursday 28 June 2018

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Football Jack Young
19:00 Saturday 23 June 2018
Germany vs Sweden Predictions: The Champions are Back in the Saddle

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Football Jack Young
19:00 Wednesday 20 June 2018
Iran vs Spain Predictions: Confident Spain Wins Easily

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Football Jack Young
18:00 Friday 15 June 2018
Portugal vs Spain Predictions: A Neighborhood Derby

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Football Jack Young
19:45 Monday 4 June 2018
Italy vs Netherlands Predictions: Italy Still Searching for Their Form

Use our match previews to find the best betting odds and Italy vs Netherlands predictions ahead of this Monday's Friendly International clash between Italy and Netherlands on June the 4th. more...

Football Jack Young
19:46 Saturday 26 May 2018
Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC Predictions: Real to Show Class in Final

Read our expert Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC match preview, free Champions League betting tips, recent form analysis, team news, result prediction and all the most up to date odds for the May 26th contest more...

Football Simon Winter
17:30 Sunday 20 May 2018
Atletico Madrid vs Eibar Predictions: Atletico to Finish La Liga Season with a Win

Read our detailed Atletico Madrid vs Eibar match preview, free La Liga betting tips, recent form guide, team news, result prediction, and all the most up to date odds for the May 20th contest more...

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Daily Best Betting Tips and Hot Sports Picks at OddsDigger

Betting tips are of paramount importance for any punter who wants to gain more knowledge into a sporting event or just wants to seek a professional advice for his or her own analysis. This is the primary requirement for any punter irrespective of the sport, tournament, or match that they are interested in. However, it is essential to choose a tipster community that has a lot of professional interest rather than just being available to make up the numbers. Committed and profitable tipsters are a sought-after element in the world of sport prediction.

Even though a lot of sites are available on the Internet today that can claim of offering world-class tips, which can lead to a profitable bet more often than not, it does not happen to be the case. Few are able to match OddsDigger in the case of transparency and profitability aspects.

The choices with regard to the sports covered have a huge say in determining the importance of a tip. Some of the VIP betting tips happen to concentrate on the most valuable events in the sport.

What Are the Betting Tips and Predictions All About?

There is a huge number of markets being offered by bookmakers on each sport. This makes the world of free betting tips extremely important, as they would provide a punter with all the valuable information required to succeed in the world of betting. The prediction site for today needs to focus on a variety of elements in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of the predictions. This is due to a large number of variables that play a role in the success of a punt. While there may be a lot of sites that claim to provide today’s bet tips, it is essential for a punter to choose the right site.

Some of the bet prediction sites usually restrict themselves to a handful of sports, but the sign of a top site for this purpose is the availability of all sports and tournament predictions in one place. OddsDigger happens to meet this requirement by a significant margin compared with most of the names in the business. We focus on every sport in the world starting from the likes of football or tennis – which enjoy worldwide popularity – to sports that are popular in a specific region of the world.

Which Sports and Tournaments Do We Cover In Our Bet Predictions?

All the major sports like football, tennis, basketball, cricket, water sports, rugby, and golf are covered without fail at OddsDigger. However, there is also a great deal of interest on the less popular sports like darts, which have a specific fan following around the world. Even in the case of football, there are several less popular tournaments that still need to be attended keeping in mind the betting-related interest offered by bookmakers. Football tournaments and leagues from around the world are covered, and the same applies to every other sport too. This truly happens to be a one-stop shop for all the bet predictions.

Free Betting Tips: Why Are Our Betting Tips Immensely Successful?

The first reason behind the success of our prediction tips is the incredible diversity. There is coverage for almost every sport in the world. OddsDigger also goes in-depth with regard to each sport and the competitions that make up that sport. In most cases, focus largely provided on the top competitions, but this is not the case here.

A detailed analysis is undertaken with regard to producing each betting tip and prediction. The time-consuming process goes through several aspects of the event in order to arrive at the potential outcomes. The work done by most bet prediction sites is to look at a few markets that would stick with the trend and form, but this may not be the most reliable and accurate form of making a tip. OddsDigger manages to identify the potential outcomes of the sporting events and then scours through each bookmaker for the best value in the odds.

Value is something that is often overlooked while searching for the best betting tips, as it is difficult to put a finger on the same. Yet, OddsDigger takes care in ensuring that each tip has a high risk-reward ratio so that a punter can come out with substantial profits.

Is a punter looking for Premier League tips? They are available here. Are you searching for the best NBA tips? They are also offered here. Even if you are not looking for the predictions on the top sports events and want to find the bet of the day predictions for Conference North, they are also covered.

Accessing Knowledge from Professional and Experienced Sports Betting Tipsters

The key behind the success of any betting site is the availability of dedicated betting tipsters. Here you will be able to access the knowledge of world-class tipsters. The professionalism and experience of these tipsters are second to none and it does not take long to be impressed with the same. The deeper insights provided by these experts are especially crucial in the world of unknown leagues and tournaments. Since statistics alone will not be able to tell the whole story in the case of some sports, the knowledge of such experienced tipsters comes into play. Punters can use the knowledge in order to get themselves with a huge amount of information on the best markets and prices that are available for any specific event.

The top predictions today not only provide information about the potential outcome of a sporting event, but they also go into the price analysis section. Since there are several hundred bookmakers available in the world today, it becomes a tough job for any punter to identify the options that would give them the highest possible returns. Apart from just predicting the outcome, OddsDigger also happens to use the punter’s knowledge in the process of odds comparison. Prices offered on any market from different bookmakers are compared in one place so that the best option can be chosen without fail each time.

One of the primary reasons to not opt for the several tipster services available on the Internet is their fraudulent nature. Most of these tipsters services would require the punter to come up with a service fee, which often runs into the hundreds or even thousands. Yet, why pay such extravagant fees for a service which is available for free! In fact, the free service may often get strange looks amongst punters, but they can be more than a match – if not better – for the services that cost several hundreds of dollars.