Swimming Betting Odds

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best swimming betting odds in  NigeriaIt is one of the oldest competitive sports, going back all the way to the earliest Olympic games practiced in Ancient Greece. It since became a popular recreational pastime with the introduction of indoor public baths in Europe in the 1800s, and today there are hundreds of events for wagerers to enjoy, taking in all sorts of distances and styles.

The Crucial Details for Swimming Betting

Both the International Olympic Committee and FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) hold their competitions according to the same rules. Most competitions take in four different styles: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. Most of these are raced over 50m, 100m, and 200m distances, but some, such as the freestyle, can be as much as 1500m long. There are also other race variants, such as medley and relay races.

The Core Swimming Betting Odds

The biggest market for swimming bets is the match or money line bet where punters wager on who will win a particular race. Then there are markets such a medal winning, total medals won, fastest lap, records broken, and so on. It is a very linear sport so there aren’t as many sub-bet markets as you’ll find with other sports, but this is made up for by the high volume of individual races you’ll find for a given event. Swimming races are quite short, so In Play markets can be patchy, but live streaming and mobile apps can help you track the action. Whatever the market, OddsDigger can bring you the best offers around the clock.

The Main Markets for Swimming Odds

For punters looking to bet on swimming in Nigeria, there are plenty of events such as the African Games, African Championships, and Nigeria Sports Festival. Internationally, it sees a lot of high-level coverage, particularly at the Summer Olympics, European Aquatic Championships, and FINA World Cup and World Championships. There are markets in every country, so keep your eyes peeled for promising events.

The Top Swimming Betting Sites

There’s no shortage of major bookmakers providing coverage of high-level events, but Betfair and Unibet in particular have a reputation for providing a comprehensive bookmaking service on this sports. Fans should compare swimming odds by taking advantage of OddsDigger’s free service that uses a powerful odds aggregator to source the best-value offers from across the markets, helping fans enjoy bigger returns than ever on this great sport.