Novelty Betting Odds

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best novelty betting odds in NigeriaWhat Is Novelty Betting?

Novelty betting is where you predict a particular situation that you see in media. This can range anywhere from either predicting political campaigns or the top song on the music charts. You can even wager on your favorite reality TV shows. Because this type of gambling is not sports related, you will have to search for these websites separately. Sometimes, sports bookmaker websites have novelty option listed under what is called ‘exotic betting’, but if you don’t see it, then you’ll have to go search. And OddsDigger helps you with that.

Novelty Odds in Simple Words

Novelty betting odds are going to be very similar to the odds found in sports. You are essentially placing a wager on a prediction of the outcome of a TV show/music event. If your prediction is wrong, then you are on the losing side. To get the best odds for novelty wagers, check out OddsDigger, which can help you locate and find all of the best numbers.

If you’re wagering on politics or other events that are going to be covered by the news, then you can tune into the live streams. These live streams can be accessed from any mobile device as long as you have access to wi-fi. If you’re too busy to watch a live stream, OddsDigger offers you up to date information on the latest novelty wagers. You can compare odds live and win.

Novelty Betting Sites & Markets

There are two separate types of novelty betting. The first being short, which is where you place a bet based on the next week’s showing. In Nigeria, you can choose from multiple options, from TV dramas to real politics and news. Check out our online tool to compare novelty odds and to see where people in your country are leaning towards.

Long betting takes place over the course of a few months to a year. It can be guessing the outcome of elections, guessing which song will hit the top billboards or when a celebrity's baby will be born. This is more applicable to international markets on events that influence the whole world.

Where Can You Actually Bet on Novelty?

You can use our website to locate the best events that are taking place currently. If you check the OddsDigger novelty page, we will give you all the latest information on the betting pools for certain TV shows and other novelty bets. If you’d like to check out wagering websites, we can recommend Betvictor, as they give you the option to look at different novelty situations. These can be short-term or long-term and focus on mainly popular TV shows such as Big Brother, X Factor, etc.