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The best eSports bets can be quite hard to find, as they are almost similar on most occasions. Yet, the small differences can be brought about by comparison through a proper tool like OddsDigger Nigeria. Now, the best betting odds can be spotted quickly!

Monday 26 August 2019
Overwatch League 1 2
01:27 Live
San Francisco Shock
Los Angeles Valiant
All Odds
Sunday 1 September 2019
Afreeca Starleague 1 2
Flash Gaming
All Odds

E-Sports betting oddsGetting Started with eSports Betting

E-Sports or electronic sports have become big in the last couple of years. This competitive video gaming has also given rise to a new form of betting amongst punters – placing money on teams to win video games. In recent years, the popularity of eSports betting has surged to new heights. The common eSports are first person shooter games or online battle arenas with space for multiple players. The competitions are conducted either online or offline.

Finding the Best eSport Odds

The eSports betting odds are a competitive field even if the industry itself is in a nascent stage. Today, almost every bookmaker has a selection of odds for the eSports. This, in turn, creates a lot of competition and may offer very few differences in terms of the prices. However, it is important to set apart the best price even with minuscule differences on board. This can be done with the assistance of a comparison tool that is OddsDigger.

How Do eSports Wagering & eSports Odds Work?

There are two major forms of bets being provided by the eSports betting sites: money line and handicap. The former happens to be a traditional form of wagering where the punter is required to pick the selection that is likely to win the event. This is an extremely simple process, but it is once again imperative to be aware of the prices. Handicap manages to present the player with positive and negative handicaps depending on the likelihood of a team winning or losing the event. The bookie decides this number and a punter will be able to get prices depending on this handicap.

Key eSports Bets and Markets

Since e-sport bets are still a nascent industry, it may not possess the same kind of markets as seen in other sports like football and rugby. However, there is a growing number of choices for the punter and it starts with the totals, which are effectively similar to the over/under system seen in other sports. However, the biggest interest when it comes to the wagering markets on this sport happens to be outright market – an opportunity to pick the overall winner or a top player in an event. This is usually highly rewarding and forms the crux of an e-sport bet.

eSports Betting Odds for Domestic Leagues

The concept of eSports has grown a lot in recent years. Even though there are several tournaments in the world, the domestic events that take place in separate countries happen to enjoy popularity too – especially in countries like South Korea. The domestic competitions are usually held online. In Nigeria, Nigeria eSports Championship represents a domestic market for betting. However, they are not comparable in size to the truly enormous international events.

International E-Sport Betting

Over the last couple of years, e-sports has grown largely due to the international tournaments that take place on a huge scale. Apart from the bewildering size of the prize money on offer, e-sports have also started providing celebrity status to the players. Keen to take advantage of this growing interest, more and more competitive players enter the field, thus making the process of bet selection extremely difficult. Some of the major tournaments that take place around the world are League of Legends World Championships and International Dota 2 Championships. Most of the international tournaments are specifically focused on teams that specialise in certain games. Halo, Call of Duty, Dota 2, and League of Legends are a few of the games that are primarily covered by the international tournaments.

Why eSports Betting Websites Can Help You Earn Money

The world of eSports betting websites is only starting to expand, but there is already a huge collection of options for a punter. However, the profitability of any betting activity depends on the information that a punter possesses before placing a bet. Luckily, the amount of statistics surrounding eSports has been growing in recent years and will only get bigger. Right now, the analysis done by the punters takes a lot of time. One of the areas where time reduction is possible is in the comparison of eSports odds, as it can be done through a proper comparison tool like OddsDigger. All these efforts help you make better choices and ultimately lead to big profits.

Best eSports Betting Sites

There are a large number of options for those who want to place money on the different eSports odds. One can get access to these prices even at the exchanges. The bets can be made with real money and offer a great way to interact with the competition/match. But you need to be aware of the prices, background, payouts, statistics, and results. Being on top of these aspects will help a punter succeed at eSports betting real money.

eSport Betting: Real Money Bookies

Compared to the rest of the betting fraternity, eSports has been around only for a short amount of time. However, there is a great acceptance amongst the bookies when it comes to this sport. They allow punters from different backgrounds to make eSports wagering their passion. The top bookmakers when it comes to e-sports in Nigeria happen to be Sky Bet, Bet365, and Paddy Power. They provide multiple wagering options and top customer service.

eSports Live Betting and Mobile Betting

Regular sports are not the only sports that enjoy live streams. All the top bookies make eSports live betting one of their cherished offerings. In order to make this possible, they also have a section with live stream content. Almost every best eSports betting site adheres to this requirement and the streams are accessible even on smartphones. More and more bookies are gravitating towards enhancing the mobile betting experience and this is of paramount importance to any eSports punter. With such wide array of options, everyone can find a way of betting that suits their needs and habits.