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best cyclo-cross betting odds in NigeriaCyclo Cross Betting

It is a remarkable sport that is unlike any other bike competition around. Riders compete in short courses that are usually around 2 miles in length that tend to last anything between 30 minutes and an hour. What defines the sport is the fiendish difficulty of the courses themselves that take in a variety of terrains, forcing the riders to adapt on the hop. Some of the surfaces that have to be navigated in a single race could include dirt trails, pavement, and grass, and there are frequently sections where riders need to dismount and carry their bikes to traverse various obstacles in the course. It requires real toughness from the competitors and makes for a great spectacle, and with interest on the markets rising, it’s highly probable that the right bet on cyclo cross could be very profitable to the right punter.

Principal Types of Cyclo Cross Betting Odds

The most commonly wagered bet will be on whoever wins a given race. Further cyclo cross bets can be found on things like the fastest lap time and the order of the racers to come in the first three places. Punters who do their homework, analysing rider form and discovering accurate weather forecasts for the date of the race, can make their wages more accurate. If you can find In-Play bets on cyclo cross events, you could be looking at some very valuable markets, especially when fans use mobile betting apps and live streaming to give their live betting a boost. A comparison service from OddsDigger could also help you in this endeavour.

Prime Markets

Cyclo cross is still a sport that is finding its feet but already there are plenty of events for fans to wager on. In Nigeria, it is not particularly big, however. The sport is regulated by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) who organise all the biggest events in the sport. The UCI Cyclo Cross World Championships started in 2016 and now take in five different events across the year where the best talent in the sport participates. The UCI Cyclo Cross World Cup is another event where the standard of racing is incredibly high. It’s a spot on the rise, so expect to see an increase in the number of annual events and cyclo cross bets sometime in the near future.

Finding the Best Cyclo Cross Betting Sites

This sport can sometimes be an uncommon sight to find in a bookmaker’s repertoire. However, a little digging will lead you to the right provider. William Hill has consistently impressed with their offering, combining good value odds with a very respectable coverage of the markets. The easiest way to get the best odds available is to use OddsDigger for all your cyclo cross odds comparison needs to ensure that you’re enjoying the cream of the markets at all times.