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Australian Rules Betting Odds

OddsDigger Nigeria is aware of the growing interest surrounding the best Australian rules bets. Since a large number of bookmakers have a vested interest in this sport, it results in the availability of several prices claiming to be the best betting odds. Our comparison tool is here to help you!

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Australian Rules betting oddsGetting Started With Australian Rules Betting

Australian Rules football is regarded as a fusion of football and rugby. The sport is rather popular in Australia and other oceanic regions. An oval-shaped ball takes centre stage with regard to this sport, which has been around since 1859. As a result, it is possible to come across a large number of bookies offering Australian rules betting opportunities. Since it is also one of the fastest growing team sport in the world, bookies are not ready to be left out of the competition.

Finding the Best Footy Betting Odds

Just as with any other sport, it is important to compare the options at the disposal of a punter in order to get the maximum value in any better. Australian Rules may be a growing sport in Australia, but almost every bookmaker has an interest. This presents a different kind of problem, as the punter can potentially be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices at his disposal. In this scenario, a proper comparison tool can come to his rescue and help make a right decision. As the number of Australian rules footy betting odds grow, this process becomes even more important.

Understanding Australian Football Odds

The world of Australian rules footy betting is concerned with making the right decision in terms of the match outcome. This is undoubtedly the biggest market when it comes to this sport, and the odds are provided in either decimals or fractions. There are also occasions when the bookmaker may provide a handicap price, which can be used to determine the favourite or underdog nature of a team. The prices differ based on elements like the strength of a team, availability of key players, the location of the match, and the form of a team coming into the game.

Best Footy Bets: Find The Right Markets For You

The sport may be young and upcoming in the eyes of a punter, but gambling sites have been offering plenty of routes to back matches in this sport. The overall points market is one of the most common apart from the 1x2 market, which involves predicting the outcome of a match. The points market lets a punter wager on the total points that are produced in a match. This is sometimes seen as an attractive option rather than picking an outright winner.

Typically, the game involves around 200 points in each match. Accumulator market is also quite popular with punters receiving the opportunity to predict the total score in a match. The form guide can be a great way to identify the best footy bets in this regard.

The ante-post betting option has been around for every gambling market and it is not a surprise to see this sport also encompass the same. Due to the availability of popular leagues and tournaments, a punter can make a long-term pick for the likes of the outright winner of a tournament or the best player. The prices received, in this case, is likely to be attractive than other options.

Footy Betting in Domestic Leagues

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the most important competition when it comes to this sport. This league comprises of 18 teams that play against each other at least once in the campaign. The top teams then progress into the playoffs, which would then determine the ultimate winner. As the league involves both group and knockout formats, it manages to assume greater significance among the Australian football odds. The other minor competitions are also covered by bookmakers. The sport also has a women’s game, which is also growing at a similar pace in recent times.

International Australian Rules Betting

The international rules football has been around since 1967 after the formation of the Australian Football World Tour. Over the years, the various rules have been changed and the international competitions with regard to this sport have been improved. Today, it enjoys a vast amount of popularity – although not to the same extent as the domestic game – and this results in the frequent availability of Australian rules odds whenever international matches take place.

Can Australian Rules Betting Be Profitable?

The global reach of the sport has enabled almost every bookmaker to have an interest in this sport. Since it is played at an amateur level across the world, there is the reason for bookmakers to be involved with an increasing number of markets. International games also mean that there is no shortage of betting opportunities over the course of a year. This, in turn, makes the process of placing money on this sport extremely easy. Since there are several ways to compare the prices provided by one bookmaker to the other, punters can relax with the knowledge that they are choosing the best odds for the maximum returns. This enhances the profitability element to a bigger scale.

Where Can You Find Footy Odds?

Since punters are dealing with a growing sport, they are likely to find a large number of options to place a wager on this sport or event. Almost every bookmaker has a section where they provide the latest footy finals odds amongst others. The prices provided on this sport happen to be quite competitive when compared with the established names, as bookmakers are ideally fighting out for an early piece of the market share. This certainly bodes well for a punter seeking the best of opportunities with regard to this sport.

The Best Footy Betting Websites

One can find that all of the top Australian sportsbook options have an interest in this sport. While the AFL is undoubtedly the biggest crown in terms of volume, almost every competition in this sport is covered in detail through a variety of markets. Crown Bet, Bet365, and Coral are a few of the bookmakers who have an immense presence in this field. They are assisted by a growing number of punters, who take advantage of the army of statistics available, keen on making a major on the various events or on a single match. These bookies provide plenty of bonuses and deals to make themselves look attractive in the eyes of those punters.

Australian Football Odds in Live-Streams and Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has been a huge factor behind the increase in the number of Australian footy odds, as they provide easy access for a punter looking to place money. They have also enabled the option of live betting, as more and more punters are able to access the live stream content provided here. The steaming of the live matches provides a different dimension to the sport and allows a punter to make real-time moves based on the live events that take place in a match.