Pool Betting Odds

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best pool betting odds comparison in KenyaIs It Possible to Bet on Pool and Make a Profit?

Of course, it is! A lot of punters out there are placing pool bets and manage to make a nice profit out of them. The best part is that you don’t even have to a be a huge fan of the sport, OddsDigger will help you with the entire process.

Main Bet Types Using Pool Odds

The pool betting odds are designed in such a way that they give good chances for punters willing to take on them while still remaining profitable for the bookmakers. Using OddsDigger you can change that but first, let’s have a look at the wagers you can place.

The classic ‘winner’ and ‘outright winner’ bets are the most used when it comes to wagering on this sport, however, for those punters that like to make things more interesting, there’s an option to guess the correct score of a match or even how many times the 8 ball is going to be potted as a foul.

This sport is really exciting for those of the punters that want to experiment more with in-play wagering. You can wager on the number of successful pots in the next 10 minutes and many other alternatives. Make sure to always use OddsDigger to properly compare and analyze the live odds offered.

Pool Betting – What Are the Main Markets?

This sport offers a lot of different markets thanks to its popularity and ease of practicing it. So punters in Kenya don’t have to worry about a thing, there’s plenty to play on. 

When discussing local tournaments surrounding this sport, the iconic tournaments are the Kings Challenge or the Nairobi Open.

At an international level, there’s plenty to choose from once again. You don’t really need to know them by heart since you have OddsDigger to compare pool odds tournaments such as the World Championship or the International Pool Tour.

Where to Bet on Pool from Kenya

When on a lookout for some serious pool betting sites, you need to focus your attention on the big names of the industry, with tens of years of experience and millions of satisfied customers. Bet-at-Home, Betway, William Hill or Unibet are just a few examples where you can enjoy an amazing experience.