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Sunday 25 August 2019
Overwatch League 1 2
Boston Uprising
New York Excelsior
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Los Angeles Gladiators
Los Angeles Valiant
All Odds
Afreeca Starleague 1 2
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Sunday 1 September 2019
Afreeca Starleague 1 2
Flash Gaming
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E-Sports betting oddsCan You Bet On eSports? The Origins of eSports

eSports is probably the fastest-growing community in the expanding horizon of sports possibilities. Besides the traditional teams and competitions, sports have migrated to the virtual world as well. Now we have professional gamers, clubs, transfer markets between them, and of course, a lot of tournaments.

Its popularity pulls origins from Asia, to be more precise from South Korea. This country was the first who regulated eSports community, by giving the licenses to pro-gamers. Everything began only from 10 tournaments, however, this number raised to 260 which expanded the horizons of this industry. Its’ popularity spread very fast globally, especially in North America and Europe where the tournaments are being organized as well.

The bookmakers recognized the vast range of opportunities in this industry which is growing each day. Not only that you can place wagers on various markets, there are also possibilities to choose on which virtual sport you would like to bet on. The most popular games are League of Legends, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, FIFA… and the list is getting bigger and bigger. eSports betting is established among the young punters’ audience, who are more interested in this way of wagering, rather in the traditional one.

Get the Best eSports Odds: Get an Instant Insight of All Markets

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eSports Betting Odds Explained: Choose Your Best Strategy

The variety of available markets is getting closer and closer to traditional sports ones and the punters are able to choose among several different strategies. You can place your wagers on teams or individuals, on the outcome of the games and even tournaments and winning margins. You can apply single or multiple betting strategies as well. In the time to come, there’s going to be even more opportunities and strategies for winning great profits.

eSports Betting Markets: Fast-Growing Opportunities

As the market is rapidly growing, more money is pouring into the industry and as a consequence of that, it led to more opportunities for eSports betting. The wagering began in earnest with the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive through a process called "skin betting". You can gain skins through gameplay in CS: GO, but the gamers can purchase them as well. The skins can be traded and sold in a special market. There are also websites for exchanging and gambling with the skins which can help gamers to win more valuable ones.

The Kenyan eSports Betting: A Lot of Space for Improvements

It’s not easy to find a domestic bookie for your esport bets, but the situation is improving. As of now, bookmakers do not present a lot of depth when it comes to wagering opportunities. In the future, however, one can expect a significant rise in terms of eSport bets as it continues to gain traction.

International eSports Betting: eSports Going Mainstream

As we already mentioned, the biggest international markets are located in Asia, North America, and Europe. Besides online betting, fantasy eSports is becoming more prominent. Gamers are forming leagues, teams and earn points similar to football fantasy sites. Some of the sites offer the opportunity to eSports real money betting on fantasy teams.

Why eSports Betting Can Be Profitable?

You need to get familiar with all wagering opportunities in order to make profits in a long term. There are a few tips on what you should avoid in your esport bets. It is recommended to avoid the favourites in Best of One matches since there is a high level of unpredictability. You should also stay clear of unknown and lesser teams since eSports is evolving very quickly and some of the newer teams may explode and appear with real success. However, you should focus on tournament winners since big upsets are not a regular occurrence.

Where Can You Bet on eSports? A Wide Range of Available Markets

More and more online sportsbooks include eSports event in their regular offers and you should carefully pick between the markets. OddsDigger is here to help you find your best value eSports odds so you don’t need to roam across different eSports betting sites. The prime figures are at your fingertips thanks to our state of the art odds comparison tool. This launches us to the top spot among eSports betting websites.

The Best Bets / Bookmakers: Find the Best Bookie with OddsDigger’s Help

You should pick the most suitable bookie depending on your betting strategy. Good news is that OddsDigger Kenya can help you get the most out of your esport bets by enabling you to compare all odds for the featured events at one place. To make the things easier for you, you can place your eSports wagers straight from our pages.

Live-stream And Mobile Betting: Always Stay with the Game

Live streaming on desktop and mobile devices has become the essential tool for all punters. Now, there are a lot eSports betting sites who offer the possibility of live streaming and mobile betting as well. All you need to do is create an account with the selected eSports betting websites, but before that, you should check if additional fees apply. This way, you can always stay with the game and enhance your eSports live betting. You can easily check our pages which od the bookies have the streaming option available. We are the one-stop site for everything you need for eSports wagering.