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Gold Series ESports Bets in December 2023

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Gold Series is the name used for a series of eSports tournaments specifically created for Blizzard games. It is organized by NetEase and it takes place twice a year, during spring and summer. All the competitions held by NetEase use the word “gold” in the title, so they name HearthStone the “Open” and they use the name “Pro-League” for Starcraft II. All the Gold Series odds are available on OddsDigger, so you can place bets here and get the chance to win some impressive amounts of money.

Where To Find The Best Odds On Heroes Of The Storm Gold Series

Deciding where to place bets on an eSports competition is not as easy as it seems because there are so many websites which offer you this possibility and it is impossible to compare them all. The best thing to do is bet on OddsDigger, as here are the best odds on the Gold Series. There’s no need to run a detailed research. Just trust your guts or go with your favourite team and let us take care of the rest.

What Are The Gold Series HotS Odds?

Heroes Of The Storm is a game which attracts lots of players from all over the world, so it is hard to name one favourite team, given the fact that they’re all highly motivated to win big prizes. You’ll see differences in the odds on HotS Gold Series but you don’t have to trust them because the small teams always cause surprises.

Who Are The Favorites In This Tournament

Chinese people are the best HotS players and this can also be seen in the stats. The teams that won most of the seasons come from China, so we should expect Chinese to win in the future, too. Teams like Super Perfect Team, Chall Enge, and eStar Gaming will always dominate the charts, so it is fair to say that in their case, you can trust the odds on Heroes of the Storm Gold Series. Whether you already have a favourite team in mind or you just want to bet on those which have the biggest chances, OddsDigger is the right place for you. Be careful what choice you make, as this might determine if you win a small fortune or you just waste some money!