Rowing Betting Odds

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While it is not as popular or well-known in the media, it has many hardcore fans who just love the waterworks of the sport. This sport is similar to that of sailing, kayaking, and other water sports which involve boats. These sports are not as fast-paced as others, so they're great if you want just to kick back and relax while enjoying the scenery in the background.

What Are Rowing Betting Odds?

It doesn't exactly work the same way other sports do. The only type of wager you can place is the winner of the race. These are called moneyline bets and are usually the most popular type when it comes to any sport. In these wagers, you will try and predict which participant will take the finishing line first. If you're wrong, then you will lose the wager. It's pretty straightforward when it comes to odds. You have a fifty-fifty chance of losing or winning. Just make sure you do your research before you place your wagers.

Many websites provide live stream coverage of races. You will have to tune into a website which is dedicated to this particular sport. To get the latest information on where to place your wagers, you can opt to use OddsDigger and our in-play odds comparison service.

Rowing Betting Sites & Markets

The first type of matches you can wager on is called domestic matches. These competitions are usually held at the statewide or country level. These are the perfect time for you to get to know the sport, as there will be media coverage and live streams every single week. In Australia, Rowing Australia (RA) is the main body responsible for the sport. The competitions to wager on include Australian Rowing Championships and Australian Masters Rowing Championships.

International competitions will only happen once a year. This is where the best of the best will attempt to beat each other so that they can be named the reigning champion of rowing. The International Rowing Federation is the body responsible for the sport. The World Rowing Cup, World Rowing Championships, and World Rowing Coastal Championships are just some of the worldwide competitions available for wagering. These competitions are where you can wager to win even more money. Just be careful. This means heading to OddsDigger Australia for the latest rowing odds comparison.

Determining Where to Bet

We can recommend SportingBet, as it gives its users a large variety of different types of sports to wager on. You will be able to choose either domestic or international competitions. This is not a very common sport to bet on, so if you need more websites, you can check out Bet365, Betvictor, and Unibet.