Ice Hockey Betting Odds

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best Ice Hockey betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageCan You Place Ice Hockey Wagers Online?

The worldwide popularity of ice hockey means that betting opportunities are quite prevalent with regard to this sport. Almost every bookmaker has a section where different forms of ice hockey betting odds are accessible. A punter is not restricted to the outright markets alone, as they have quite a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing markets.

Get the Top Ice Hockey Odds

The large availability of ice hockey betting sites makes it convenient for a punter to get the top odds. However, these will not be presented straight away. It is up to a punter to use proper comparison tools in order to identify the best selections. The large availability of markets does make it quite a cumbersome process, but once the choice has been made, the process of choosing the best odds does become extremely easy.

Explaining Ice Hockey Betting Odds

The ice hockey betting odds are comprised of three major options – moneyline, handicap, and regular three-way option. The moneyline option is all about receiving a price from a bookmaker for a win or lose situation. This completely eliminates the draw possibility and can come in handy while trying to protect the stake if the event goes into overtime or shootout. The handicap option becomes applicable when a punter wants to go in with an option which is heavily favoured against another. In order to cancel out the favouritism, a bookmaker will provide a handicap based on the winning margin. The regular three-way option happens to be quite popular in European markets. It allows a punter to choose between Team A, Team B, or a draw. This is quite risky, but it is the traditional form of wagering.

Markets for Ice Hockey Betting

The ice hockey odds are presented through different markets. The sport is just like football in several ways and this ensures that the bookmakers try to mimic most of the markets. As a result, a punter will be able to come across:

Total Goals – This is a market that is used to predict the total goals that will come up in a match. This is because the goals decide games – just like in the case of football or handball.

Tournament Outright – All teams will be fighting against each other in order to end up the tournament winner. Placing money on this aspect happens to be the most common element, and it is also quite appropriate for a newcomer.

Match Result – Once again, this is a popular market that allows a punter to predict the outcome of a game.

Correct Score – As the two teams fight for victory, a punter can try to predict the exact score. This happens to be one of the toughest markets around, but it can also be extremely rewarding for those who bet on ice hockey.

Betting on Domestic Ice Hockey Events

There is a huge number of options for punters keen to bet on the domestic leagues surrounding this sport. Australian Ice Hockey League governed by Australian Ice Hockey Federation is the biggest competition here for your wagers. Newcastle North Stars are the current champions but everything may change in the future so follow the sport closely and don’t miss a chance of a big win.

Betting on International Ice Hockey Events

The international aspect of the game is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation, which has just under 75 members on board. They come up against each other on a regular basis through international tournaments like the Winter Olympics, World Championships, Kontinental Hockey League, and more. The compact and frequent occurrence of matches during such tournaments makes it a heyday for punters and bookmakers alike.

Tips and Strategies for Profitable Ice Hockey Bets

The success of ice hockey wagers is largely determined by the strategies of a punter. One of the first elements to check upon is the home and away form. This will provide a lot of information. The availability of key players also makes a difference. However, the decisive element for any punter looking to become profitable in this niche happens to be finding the best value odds from the bookmaker. This can be done using a proper ice hockey odds comparison, which is much easier due to the availability of OddsDigger Australia.

Places to Wager on Ice Hockey

After deciding to begin with ice hockey wagers, a punter needs to choose the correct bookmaker. However, there is an extensive list of options in this regard. A punter will have to go through aspects like reputation, offers, deals, and other elements before choosing the betting site.

The Finest Bookmakers to Bet on Ice Hockey

One of the best names in the business happens to be Bet365, which has been around for the last two decades. Established as an online betting company, it has now spread its wings to several other niches like online casinos. Despite its overwhelming popularity in the betting field, Bet365 continues to offer a long list of promotion campaigns, deals, and offers.

Mobile Betting and Live Stream Options

Bet365 is one of the several bookmakers who have a dedicated section for live stream content. This, in conjunction with a comprehensive in-play betting service, makes it possible for punters to experience the world of mobile betting at its best. Dedicated apps make it easier to place wagers on the go, while the live stream content helps in making better decisions. The choices available for a punter are once again quite expansive when it comes to this side of the coin. OddsDigger Australia makes it easier to choose the right option by offering an in-play odds comparison service. Start now!