Equestrian Betting Odds

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best Equestrian betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageEquestrian sports date back thousands of years to ancient civilisations like Greece and Egypt. Horses have been integral to mankind’s development, so it was inevitable that they would form the basis of a gripping sporting spectacle. Today, equestrian sports are big business across the world, taking on many forms from races to show jumping and dressage. There’s no shortage of events offering competitions for punters to profit from.

The Key Facts of Equestrian Betting

Equestrian wagers can be laid on many different kinds of events. The main kind of event you’ll find equestrian wagers on are steeplechases, where riders navigate a course with a series of obstacles to be surmounted, so it’s agility as well as the raw speed that plays a part in victory. These can be very fiendish to win, as well as potentially dangerous, so these are certainly high stakes activities for all involved.

The Most Common Equestrian Betting Odds

In horse racing, the biggest wagers are on who you think will come first in a race. However, below this are sub-bets such as place wager for your horse finishing in the top two or a show wager for the top three. High-value bets include the trifecta, where you bet on which horses will come first, second, and third. There’s a quinella where you bet on the top two horses regardless of order. Because horse races are very closely run races, each way bets are also a massive market here. Although horse races are conducted very quickly, there are still vibrant In Play markets that you can follow with live streaming and mobile betting, and OddsDigger can be trusted to provide the best live odds in real time for all the top events.

Critical Markets for Equestrian Odds

You’re never short of equestrian events in Australia, with thrilling race running throughout the year. The group 1’s make up the meat of the Australian racing scene, including such events as the Melbourne Cup, Victoria Derby, Crown Oaks, and many, many more. Elsewhere, events such as Ascot and Cheltenham are hugely popular in the United Kingdom, and Ireland has a strong racing scene as well. The Kentucky Derby in America has a great reputation, and in the Arab world, horse racing is still hugely important culturally. In short, you’ll never be short of events to wager on.

The Top Equestrian Betting Sites

The big British bookmakers are really exceptional for providing equestrian coverage. Ladbrokes and William Hill are some of the market leaders, with great odds, massive market selection, and lots of bonus offers that can power up your bet slip. The easiest way to compare equestrian odds is to use OddsDigger to track down the best markets instantly, making it easier than ever to win big on high-value bets.